Play And Win NetEnt With Different Strategies

NetEnt studio is home for the best slots in the market. Ability to give a continuous thrilling experience makes NetEnt slots more popular. To date, they have a variety of slots updated on 1netentcasino . Select one that suits you and start a long journey full of excitement. You can also place a bet and get a good reward.

Why Need A Strategy?

Gambling is just a game of chance. The probability of winning equals that of losing. The previous outcome does not influence the current. With a good strategy, you will make better gambling choices that will give you an advantage. If you are new here, you can check some of the exiting NetEnt slots on .

  • A good strategy can reduce the house edge by 1.5%.

Here, we are going to master some of the proven tricks you can use to improve your winning chances on NetEnt slots. Different players achieved those strategies after testing different slots on demo and real money versions. If you follow them to the letter, you will collect all the money lost by other players.


Always Start On Demo Version

The demo version is the best place for a novice player who wants to taste "waters". All NetEnt slots have demo equivalent. You can find them on the main NetEnt site. The ultimate goal is to find your ideal slot without the need to jeopardize your money. You will also gain enough experience before trying real money.

Since all demo versions run on the same server as real money version, they retain similar attributes. As you play on demo mode, the main goal is to get a profitable slot. All you need is to try multiple slots. The way they react on different coin levels will determine your selection.

Always Play Hot (Positive) Slot

Assuming that you are familiar with the NetEnt slots on the demo version, it is ideal time to test the behavior of your ideal slot. All NetEnt slots will react depending on the amount of money available on the prize pool. There are three states that NetEnt slots can manifest; Positive, Negative, and Neutral.

The slots are said to be positive when there is a positive balance on the prize pool. Such a slot is ideal since it has a potential to fire huge winnings. A negative slot has a negative balance on their prize pool. The Neutral slot bears zero balance. It is hard to win on Negative or Neutral slots.

  • A negative slots keeps eating away your money on different denominations.
  • Positive slots keep giving bonuses and winnings.

Play High Volatile Slots

Volatility is the measure of how hard it is to win a slot. NetEnt slots have different volatility levels. Most gamblers prefer medium to low volatility slots. Here, the wining cycle is small. In other words, it is playing safe. However, there is no way you can win massive profits when playing low volatility slots.

Playing high volatility slots is the key to achieving high winnings. High volatile slots serve you with a long cycle of winnings. In fact, you can spend a lot of time on losing streak. However, when the luck turns on your way, you will win big. But, you need to have a balance of over 300 stakes.

  • Betting on high volatility slots require more money and patience.

Betting on Generous Slots

Yes, some NetEnt slots prove to be more generous than others. Such slots have a higher RTP exceeding 97.5%. RTP is the percentage calculation of the amount of wagered stake a slot will return to the player over time. Playing on such slots give you a higher chance to win money if you play well.

Some of the slots in this category include; Devils Delight, Mega Jokers, The Epic Viking Quest, Simsalabim, Blood Suckers, Kings of Chicago, and Jackpot 6000. However, before you pick your ideal slot. It is good to study the wagering terms. An ideal slot should have a wagering requirement of 40x and below.